who, watt and why?

Looks like water. Tastes like water. Works like coffee!

Like many great ideas, Watt Water can be traced back to an exasperated student in the throes of his final year at University.

Tired of sugary energy drinks and exhausted by pricey coffee, founder Reece had his heart set on alternative boost giving beverage.

With an increased focus on health and wellbeing and a dwindling student budget, he decided that if he couldn’t find a solution he’d make one.

Months of research and experimentation followed in which Reece became the words most energetic Guinea Pig before he finally discovered the perfect formula for his healthy and refreshing boost in a bottle.

ZERO Calories - ZERO Sugar - NO Artificial Flavourings 

Watt Water packs the same caffeine kick as a double espresso shot in refreshing Irish Spring water infused with a dash of natural flavouring - perfect on the go, before a workout or whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Calories or Sugar






At Watt Water there's only one thing we love more than the caffeine kick our drinks give you and that is pointless knowledge!

As well as a refreshing boost, every bottle has a random fact – a perfect conversation starter and ideal if you end up on a daytime TV quiz show.

The U.S. State of New Mexico was called New Mexico long before Mexico existed as a country! 

Get your boost now

from £12.00

A bottle a day keeps fatigue away so Watt Water is available in 2 packages.

One week supply (8 bottles) & two week supply (16 bottles) – a bottle a day and a little extra for when the going gets tough...


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